The Spartan Daily is a student-run newspaper primarily serving San Jose State University with readership that stretches beyond the roughly three million square feet campus. It has a unique history of never missing a single publication, even during significant historic events such as the September 11 terrorist attacks and the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989.

Today, the Spartan Daily continues to deliver on the promise made to the readers.

Reporting news. One fact at a time.

Each semester, the Spartan Daily phases in a new group of students that serve as staff members.

Here is the list for the 2017 fall semester:

Executive Editor: Kristin Lam

Managing Editor: Isabelle Tham

Executive Producer: Nicole Chung

Production Editor: Trevin Smith

News Editor: Elizabeth Rodriguez

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Jaleny Reyes

Opinion Editor: Satvir Saini

Sports Editor: Luke Johnson

Photo Editor: Sarah Klieves

Multimedia Editor: Arooba Kazmi

Online Editor: Kylee Baird

Copy Editors:

Selina Ramirez

Thomas Soares

Staff Writers:

Diana Avila

Mohamed Bafakih

Daisuke Eguchi

Jonas Elam

Jose F. Govea

Kaylee Lawler

Cinthia Loera

Noe Magana

Salvatore V. Maxwell

Jenae Mims

Lovina Pavel

William Yap

News Advisers:

Richard Craig

Mack Lundstrom

Production Chief: Mike Corpos


Advertising Adviser: Tim Hendrick

Advertising Director: Jacquelyn Lee

Creative Director: Mitchell Licata

Advertising Staff:

Irene Campos

Erik Cruz

Jessica Ewing

Ariksa Gonzalez

Lihn Nguyen

Alejandra Padilla

Kaleoaloha Wilson

Matthew Wiseman